Global IOT School brings amazing curriculum courses for kids of all age to help them learn and most importantly apply what they learn in Robotics. Because to understand the roots of mathematics and Science, Practical implementations is a necessity. Taking numbers off the books and putting them in real life would be a great deal to understand math. Using the ability of Robots to lift objects and move can help understand the concepts of Force and Tension to the kids.

And kids are always fascinated to robots as found. Robotics teaches them how to think in a unique way. We need our children to be critical thinkers and not sheep. Building robots is similar to playing puzzles or blocks. It would teach them problem solving. Being in these courses of Robotics would help them to become someone who works in a team, A team player.

Most importantly Kids find proper use of time and energy. Getting into these courses will help you learn from IIT Professionals and the best hands in Industry and help you gain Certificates which can boost the base of student’s career.

• Global IOT School Robotics provides an interesting course curriculum for kids. Visual coding to make the child understand the concepts visually and make it animating for the kid to easily grasp and have fun while learning

• Building blocks with easy flow of algorithms and sequences to ease the learning step by step.

• Code and make simple games and share with others to help kids gain confidence and the exciting feeling of developing on own.

• Interactive stories and animations.

• Design ideas and create prototypes for basic apps . This would give the kids an idea of the applications in mobiles.
• Give an idea to post the games and apps created on platforms online.

• Kids love robotic world, keeping this in mind we will make them do simple coding in virtual robots to perform real world operations in real time.

• Develop Circuits and understand the applications . • Teaching basics of Python in a user friendly coding environment and do simple coding for small projects in Artificial intelligence.

• Giving them a head start In the world of Machine Learning with initial basics and then make them create user friendly apps.

• Help them create web applications and making them realising the severity of Covid-19, Covid-19 tracker , interesting games and chatbots.

• Introducing them to simple data using ML, Natural language processing and Deep learning basics. We will even help you publish your apps on web and give you real time learning.

• Take real life problems and help you find solutions using AI and give many case studies to understand your concepts better.

• Understanding the relationship between Robotics and AI and how we can make a better world using both.

• Help you publish your work for recognition.

Help your kids gear up for taking up technical career in future with these amazing courses under proper guidance . Global IOT School believes in overall growth of the child and works in the best efficient manner to provide the same. The level and difficulty shall always be kept in mind according to the age and class of study of the child and variations in the projects and case studies shall be kept accordingly. 30 min of demo to be provided for the courses so that the idea is provided before you make the purchase.